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Major Glass & Aluminium is a company that manufactures, supplies and installs high quality glass and aluminium windows, doors, skylights etc. to the building industry and private individuals alike.

We approach each project as a unique challenge and go to great lengths to make sure that we match the correct solution to the real need of our client.

As experts in our field we deem it a privilege to work alongside our clients, guiding them and offering suggestions along the way. We have been in the industry for a long time and know the usual pitfalls and how to overcome them. This is often of great benefit to our clients and not only results in savings but also ensures that the best solution is installed the first time!

This website is intended to showcase our work (Catalogue), as well as provide guidance and assistance to anyone who is considering the services of a Glass and Aluminium company (Hints & Tips).

As with anything in this world, a successful project starts with planning. We invite you to involve us in the planning stage already so we can help you choose the best suited glass and aluminium products. Small adjustments in your plans up front could make a big difference to your wallet after the job is done.


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